Seda Packaging Group

Ice Cream/Dairy

You make it tasty inside. Seda makes it tempting outside.

Seda was founded on ice cream packaging in 1964 and has become the leading supplier of ice cream packaging in Europe for cups, foil cone sleeves, unique shapes and promotional packaging.

A product's appeal starts with its packaging, especially with products like dairy and ice cream novelties. Our knowledge and experience of the dairy market have made Seda a world leader in this category. That's why we offer a broad spectrum of eye-catching packaging solutions that promote flavors and brands, tempt consumers, and encourage indulgent consumption.

Seda Packaging Group

Squeeze Tubes

Popular/Growing handheld package and great for a variety of products from water ices to frozen Greek Yogurt.

Seda Packaging Group

Paper Cups 3oz–16oz

10 Color print capabilities for brand appeal to your customers and designed for maximum production efficiency.

Seda Packaging Group

Paper Foil Cone Sleeves

World leader in cone sleeve production with outstanding graphic capabilities.

Seda Packaging Group


Packaging for upscale yogurt brands with paper and dual paper/plastic options.

Seda Packaging Group

Contains a surprise toy

A world of ideas to make your products more appealing

Packaging promotes flavors, tempts consumers with different formats, and makes ice cream products more enjoyable.