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Seda Double Wall Cups

Seda Double Wall Cups

Double Wall Hot Cups™ Seda's Double Wall Insulated Cups: The Original Double Wall

Heartwarming experience, to the very last drop

Premium coffee deserves the highest quality cup possible to address the rapid growth and development of the premium coffee segment. That's what was on Seda's mind when it introduced the first Double Wall cup into the European market in early 2000.

The Seda Double Wall - Triple Pleasure™ is revolutionary not only for its innovative technical features, but also because it decisively contributes to some of the most remarkable success stories of brand creation within the hot beverage market. Others have tried to imitate it, but Seda continues to innovate around the patented technology that makes their Double Wall cup unparalleled. Here's how:

  • First to market
    Seda Double Wall is unrivaled for customer preference, quality, insulation, appearance and safety. Head and shoulders above any imitation or alternative solutions of Seda competitors.
  • Protects flavor, heats longer
    The Double Wall paper cup can handle the appropriate high temperature for serving coffee allowing the great taste of freshly brewed coffee to come through in every cup. Plus beverages stay hotter longer, ensuring good taste that lasts.
  • Never too hot to handle
    Patented heat barrier technology and a tight sealing lid keeps coffee warm inside, but the customer perceives only a pleasant warmth when holding the cup. No need to double-cup or use a sleeve.
  • Great for the brand
    State of the art technology and highest quality materials allow for superior printing, so brand identity and integrity are placed right in the customer's hands.
  • Works for the environment, not against
    Seda's Double Wall cups are made of fibers coming from sustainable forests. It is fully recyclable† with a range of compostable options.
  • Made in the USA
    The introduction of Seda Double Wall cups in the North American market has enjoyed equal success persuading Seda Group to invest in a greenfield manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.

Our patented Double Wall construction provides unparalleled insulation performance.

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  • Improved safety in any condition of use
  • Drinks stay warm longer, protects flavor
  • Pleasant "warm touch" without burning your fingers
  • Double Wall patented technology originally created by Seda
  • A new way of drinking on the go
  • High-quality printing - customizable with your graphics and logo up to 10 colors
  • Wide range of promotional solutions
  • Fibers used meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) standards
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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