Seda Packaging

Introducing Seda North America

Packaging for some is just a way to protect, preserve, simplify distribution, increase product availability and durability. Packaging for most is also a strategic tool to add value to the product and enrich the brand with emotions, making them both unique. Packaging for all is essential to improve quality of everyday life. For us, packaging is more than this. Packaging is art and science.

Now we are proud to bring the Art and Science of Packaging to North America.

Hold the future in your hands with the original Double Wall Hot Cup from Seda

Seda's Double Wall Hot Cup features a patented insulating air chamber that eliminates the need for sleeves or double cupping.

The result? Beverages that stay hotter inside, while staying comfortably warm-to-the-touch outside. Our Double Wall Hot Cups are made in the USA, made of fibers from sustainable forests and are fully recyclable* with compostable options.

With industry leading 10 color flexographic printing capabilities, we bring your brand's logo and messaging to life. In addition to our custom print program, we also offer our Viaggio, Viaggio Bold, White, and Naturelly Seda stock designs.

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*This product is recyclable in few communities that have appropriate recycling facilities.